Stockholm pushes green finance initiative

A bold new venture to encourage green digital finance initiatives has been launched at the G20 Greeninvest symposium currently taking...

Fintech for good?

Despite being a hot topic over the last few years, it’s always surprising how little most people know about Fintech. The term refers to...

Greening Digital Finance

Digital finance has turned out to be an unexpected revolutionary, simply by enabling low-cost financial inclusion. Thanks to new...

Fintech goes green

A UN-backed app is transforming green finance.

The Future Is Green Finance

Climate change is mobilising capital for green ventures, renewables and clean technology, but is green finance sustainable?

Greening Fintech

Digital finance is already the lifeblood of our global financial system. Now the race is on for fintech to underpin innovative efforts...

Green Digital Finance Alliance' Formed

(UNEP) and the leading Chinese financial service provider Ant Financial Services Group (Ant Financial) rolled out an innovative programme